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Pre Event Solutions

Strategies before the event for maximum engagement and effective results

Every industry events are unique. This brings us to the big question of how to approach them effectively to generate desirable results.

Global B2B Expo data intelligence solution is built to increase qualified prospects at the show, expand and extend networking opportunities, and ensure exhibitors achieve high productivity and ROI. Extensive visitor information is brought together to quantify individual and overall exhibitor performance and drive traffic to your booth. Our Event Specialists and your exhibitor team have the same desire – An exhibit hall filled with qualified prospects eager to network and purchase.

First Impressions matter and our experts will guide you stay on top of the game with highly qualified potential audience for your pre-show campaign.

Planning & Execution for better ROI:

Campaign Creation: We enable you to get your message directly to your audience instead of making them look for you. Creating a great campaign is important for every step of the tradeshow marketing process. The campaign will be the basis for all your tradeshow marketing materials, so it has to be interesting, engaging, and eye-catching.

Social Promotion: Our digital marketing experts help you to start off your social campaign with mass targeting.

We advertise your presence at the tradeshow on social platforms, through your social profiles and also by taking advantage of any hashtags the conference might be using. If you have the budget for it, we could also create an ad campaign in an industry publication or the show directory.

  1. Most marketers (78%) believe email marketing is the single-most effective channel to promote an event.
  2. Over 75% of marketers use email to promote their event, while 47% still mail invites.
  3. 63% of millennial says they use social media to keep up with brands.

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